Online Statements

Convenient Access to Online Statements

Online statements are a safe, easy and convenient way to manage your finances.  Instead of receiving a paper statement in the mail, you can view and analyze your monthly statements through the online banking site.  There are many reasons why online statements are the way to go!

  • Getting started is easy—simply sign up through the online banking site.
  • Receive an email notification when your statement is ready.  Enter through the secure online banking site to view, download or print an electronic version of your statement.
  • Paper and electronic statements are identical, but the online version is there when you need it and not hidden under a pile of mail!
  • Easily store up to 18 months worth of statements electronically.  They are conveniently located when you need to go back for reference.
  • Eliminates worry over a lost or stolen paper statement—online statements offer added protection against identity theft.